Ducal Tower in Siedlęcin

Welcome to the website of the Ducal Tower in Siedlęcin – one of the most important medieval monuments in Poland.
For over 700 years, our tower has been standing near Jelenia Góra in the picturesque Bóbr Valley.

Credit: E. Bojczuk

The Ducal Tower in Siedlęcin was erected on the initiative of Duke Henry I of Jawor in the years 1313-1315 and is one of the largest towers of this type in Central Europe. The oldest wooden ceilings in Poland have been preserved there, while in the Great Hall on the second floor you can admire the only medieval paintings in the world (preserved in situ) with the legend of Sir Lancelot of the Lake – one of the legendary knights of the Round Table.

Credit: A. Wosz

The ducal tower in Siedlęcin is the property of the „Zamek Chudów” Foundation, which makes it available to visitors every day, at the same time conducting subsequent stages of conservation and research works.

We invite you to visit the largest and best-preserved medieval residential tower in Poland and see the only paintings in the world with the legend of Sir Lancelot from the Lake!

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From 2020, the owner of the tower – Chudow Castle Foundation – is the first Polish member of the International National Trust Organisation.

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